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About Us

Washers & Gaskets play an important role in various industries that deal with machinery, automobiles & other kind of manufacturing. And, due to their applications in leakage prevention, enhanced fitting, etc. these have endless demands in the market. To fulfill these demands, we at Gujarat Gasket have stepped in the industry. By working as a manufacturer, our company aims to imporve the quality of products including Asbestos Products, Plain Washers, Serrated Gaskets, Graphite Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets and many more.

Our offered product line has gained a unique spot in the market for its superior quality features. We understand the increasing market demands & expectations very deeply so, our each main focus is upon meeting the demands without affecting the quality of a single item. For all this, we have set up modern facilities and enhanced our production capacity to remain as much productive as possible.

Being quality focused, growth oriented and highly facilitated with resources, our company is all set to become the most resourceful hand for various industries. All we seek for is to sustain irresistible growth and worthy success in the industry.

Our Vision & Mission

We seek to establish our name as a leading firm which is bringing changes in the chosen segment by putting forward a better quality range of gaskets, washers etc. We are pursuing our mission in a well structured manner. Our mission is to:
  • To meet the rising demands & expectations of customers.
  • To offer our range at cost effective prices.
  • To generate higher revenue every year & expand the business.
  • To acquire a vast clientele by offering our dependable products & services.

Our Focus Areas

We have stepped into the industry to support, serve and meet every single requirement of our customers. We manufacture products such as Plain Washers, Asbestos Products, Graphite Gaskets, Serrated Gaskets, Rubber Gaskets, etc., as per the industrial standards, and we also offer customization as per special requirements of clients. By focusing on this and other factors, we look forward to establishing strong relations with clients.
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